"Dr. Jerry Paczkowski is a wonderful, pain-free dentist, willing to rearrange his schedule to get you in when a tooth may be bothering you. He always makes whatever procedure he is doing as comfortable as possible for you. I would recommend Dr. Jerry to anyone, you won't find another dentist or staff more concerned for patients as them."

Dawn L., Two Rivers

"I have been using this dentist since I was a freshman in high school. I have always been given excellent care, and when I got married my husband and four children have all recieved great oral health care. Now my grandchildren, another generation, are recieving all their dental needs by the Paczkowski family. Thank you for your outstanding service! ''

Denise D., Two Rivers

"During my visit to your office, it was apparent to me that you were somewhat perplexed with my situation. I noticed that you put a great deal of thought into my situation and came up with a solution that you believed would be in my best interest, and I thank you for that. In all honesty, I was surprised that you conversed with me about my situation as long as you did. In my opinion, your actions were the sign of being a caring and concerned doctor. The professionalism that my wife, children and I have experienced from you, your son, and your support staff over the past few years has been very impressive. This is why my family will always come back to you and your staff for dental matters. Thank you!!"

Wes G., Two Rivers

"Paczkowski Family Dental treats you as an individual not an appointment. They respect your anxieties and do an excellent job of giving you a calm and trusing atmosphere. I would recommend them to anyone who has fears or hesitations due to anxiety to go to their practice."

Kelly A., Two Rivers

"My wife and I have been using Paczkowski Family Dental for about 25 years, after being referred by a dental assistant we knew. I had an aversion to the "needle in the mouth" so used the gas for a couple of years before "old" Doc Gerald said he was pretty good at giving the numbing shots. I tried and he delivered! Later, when "young" Doc Gerald joined his father and began 'stealing' patients, I volunteered for the swap, and must say he gives an even more painless shot. They do excellent work and the doctors are backed by a very professional and friendly staff of technicians and office personnel. We've been very satisfied, perhaps in no small part by their superior linguistic ability in understanding your telling of a hunting story or how a nuclear reactor works while they have two hands and a drill in you mouth!"

Carl G., Two Rivers

"A miracle worker is best described for Dr. Paczkowski. So caring and gentle when working on my mouth. Patiently listens to my concerns and puts me at ease with any work that is being done at the time. The staff is also fantastic. Very sociable."

Donna P., Two Rivers

''As you walk into the pleasant waiting room, you are greeted by a friendly receptionist. A very short wait- cant finish the article in a magazine of your choice-and you are very thoroughly treated to tooth care in a quiet, gentle fashion. It's been our family choice for years.''

Helen M., Two Rivers

"Many, many years ago I had an unbearable toothache. My dentist at the time was of no help, so a roommate suggested her dentist who was in practice with Dr. Paczkowski at that time. He was not in, but Dr. P could see me right away. He told me that I needed to have a root canal and also an infection (abcess) that had to be cleared up first. Now, we've all hear the horror stories about root canal, but I was told it would take an hour and would not hurt. Well, it took an hour and it didn't hurt! That put Dr. P. at the top of my list and my new dentist, and yes, I have recommended him to others. Fortunately I have never had another toothache. Probably due to the exceptional service, not only when the doctor was working alone, but also since his son has joined him in practice--two exraordinary, dedicated dentists who I hope have many more years together in service"

Barb B., Two Rivers

"Paczkowski Family Dental is simply the best. They never made me feel embarrased or bad about my absence of dental care. They helped me get back to a state of healthy teeth and gums. They were so gentle and kind with my children that they look forward to their sixth month visit and can't wait to get their teeth tickled."

Cathy S., Two Rivers

When I returned to this area in 2006, I was having terrible problems with my teeth. Like many people, I had grown up in fear of going to the dentist. Years of neglect had caused my teeth to deteriorate and the pain was becoming unbearable. Realizing the pain I was having and knowing my fears, my sister recommended that I try her dentist, Dr. Paczkowski. From my very first visit I was impressed. He is by far the kindest, most gentle dentist I have ever visited. He worked with me in trying to set up a plan of action to save my teeth, fixing the major problems first. He made sure I was comfortable and confident prior to every procedure, explaining everything and answering any questions that I had. Thanks for Dr. Paczkowski and his staff, I have completely overcome my fear of going to the dentist and am happy to say that I am no longer living with toothaches and I'm smiling a lot more!

Angela G., Two Rivers

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